Emergency Services

Ice & Dry Ice when you need it most

Is your refrigerator or freezer down? Has your restaurant or catering business unexpectedly run out of Ice? At Esposito’s Ice, we specialize in providing Emergency Ice & Dry Ice Services.

Always Here to Take Your Call…

Need to reach us after regular business hours? Call our Emergency Number at (973) 879-6793.


Available Services:

On-Site Pick-Up: Come to our location at 200 Speedwell Ave during regular business hours and retrieve your Ice or Dry Ice. We recommend calling ahead to make sure the quantity you need is in stock. ***During storm emergencies, we often hold extended business hours. Call us to find out.

Rush Deliveries: Need Ice or Dry Ice in a hurry? We can make the call. Contact us for pricing and availability.

After-Hours Deliveries: Need Ice or Dry Ice after regular business hours? Just call our Emergency Number and let us know when and where you need us.


What to do in case of Power Outages or Equipment Malfunctions…

In cases of power outages and equipment malfunctions, the only reliable method of keeping your food goods from spoiling is to use Ice and Dry Ice in your refrigerator/freezer. Here are a few guidelines for keeping your food cold or frozen.


To keep your refrigerator cold but not frozen, you may use either Standard Ice or Dry Ice. Standard Ice is preferable, as there is a lower risk of freezing. Place 20-30lbs of Standard Ice in the bottom of your refrigerator and replace every 12-24 hours. Be sure to keep the Ice in a bin to prevent water leaks. If using Dry Ice, place 10lbs at the bottom of your refrigerator. Empty drawers or nearby shelves to keep food from freezing. Replace Dry Ice every 24 hours. ***Dry Ice is made from frozen CO2 – as a result, it will carbonate the contents of open containers.


Place 10lbs of Dry Ice at the top of your freezer and replace every 24 hours.

Walk-In Refrigerators & Freezers:

Use Dry Ice to cool/freeze walk-in refrigerators or freezers. A 12’x12′ walk-in freezer will use 150-250lbs of Dry Ice every 24 hours. A walk-in refrigerator of the same size will use about 50-100 lbs every 24 hours.

***Be sure to read our Dry Ice Handling Guidelines.