Esposito’s Dry Ice

Located in Morris Plains, New Jersey, Esposito's Ice has been supplying & delivering Dry Ice for over 30 years. We offer Dry Ice in numerous forms, including Dry Ice Blocks, Crushed Dry Ice, and Dry Ice Pellets. Great for parties, concerts, Halloween, science experiments, and more!

Dry Ice Rates

Esposito’s Ice has been selling & delivering dry ice since 1979. Our dry ice prices are very reasonable. Check out the table below for dry ice prices. Featured below are some interesting facts about dry ice, handling guidelines, and fun dry ice experiments & projects

10lb Block (10''x10''x2'') $12.00
Crushed Dry Ice $13.00/10lbs
Pellets $65.00/50lbs 3 Days' Notice Required

Esposito’s Ice offers Dry Ice in several forms – Dry Ice Blocks, Dry Ice Pellets, and Crushed Dry Ice. Which type is best for you?

Dry Ice Blocks are the most popular option and work well for most shipping projects, downed freezers, and science experiments. Blocks can always be broken down into smaller pieces with relative ease. Because blocks have the smallest surface area, they last the longest.

Crushed dry ice & pellets are best when you have a limited space to place dry ice. For example, if you’re shipping goods that require dry ice and don’t have room to store a block in your package, consider using pellets or crushed dry ice. While these forms don’t last as long, they can surround an entire package and fit into tighter areas with ease.

Some Fun & Useful Dry Ice Information                   

Dry Ice has several unique properties. It has a surface temperature of -109.3° F (water freezes at +32° F) and it sublimates (as it warms & breaks down, it returns to a gaseous state (CO2). These properties make Dry Ice extremely useful and sometimes fun. However, be sure to look over our Handling Guidelines below!

Dry Ice Delivery

New Jersey’s Local Ice Delivery Service

Delivery Rates

Esposito’s Ice has been offering Dry Ice Delivery Services since 1979. We deliver throughout Northern & Central New Jersey and offer low rates and timely services.
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We deliver for orders of $100 or more. Delivery rates vary by location. Within our local service area, delivery is FREE on orders of $100 plus! We also offer Rush & After-Hours Deliveries!

Service Areas                                                              

Esposito’s Ice proudly services the following New Jersey counties & towns. Is your location not listed? We may still be able to make the call! Contact us with your information and we’ll let you know.

Morris County, NJ
Boonton, Chatham, Chester, Denville, Dover, East Hanover, Harding, Kinnelon, Madison, Mendham, Morris Plains (Our Home!), Morristown, Mountain Lakes, Parsippany, Randolph, Rockaway, Roxbury

Somerset County, NJ
Bedminster, Bernards Township, Basking Ridge, Liberty Corner, Bernardsville, Branchburg, Bridgewater, Far Hills, Peapack-Gladstone

Essex County, NJ
Caldwell, Essex Fells, Fairfield, Livingston, Millburn, Short Hills, North Caldwell, West Caldwell


Dry Ice Projects & Ideas

Conduct Dry Ice Science Experiments | Craft Beautiful Centerpieces | Try Dry Ice in Staging & Photography

There are many great dry ice projects. In addition to its numerous practical applications, Dry Ice makes for fun & beautiful crafts, science experiments, artistic designs and more. Featured here are a few ideas. Many of these projects can be altered to suit different holidays & occasions.

Are you interested in doing your own dry ice project? All you need is dry ice! Just come to our Morris Plains location or place a delivery order! Visit our Dry Ice page for pricing & information and be sure to check out our Dry Ice Handling Guidelines before using.

Let us know what you’ve tried & send us some pictures! Click here for our contact information.

The Smoking Jack-O-Lantern


First, hollow out and carve a Jack-O-Lantern! Second, break off a piece of a Dry Ice Block and place it in the Jack-O-Lantern. Using a spoon or a straw, place a few drops of water on the dry ice. This produces Dry Ice Fog. The more water you use, the more fog you create.

The Smoking Cauldron


Similar to the smoking Jack-O-Lantern, this project also makes use of Dry Ice Fog by combining dry ice with water. Find a cauldron and place a piece of a Dry Ice Block at the bottom. Sprinkle water on top of the dry ice and you have a Smoking Cauldron!

Dry Ice Glasses

dry ice glasses

This project is just for show, not for drinking! Fill glass cups or chemistry glassware using dyed water (apple & orange juice also work well). Place a small amount of Crushed Dry Ice into the liquid and watch it smoke & bubble.

Crystal Ball


Using a bowl with a lip like the one above, fill the bowl halfway with water and add dry ice to create fog. Soak a strip of cloth in soap or bubble solution. Using the soapy cloth, wipe around the lip of the bowl. Then take the cloth and, holding it across the diameter of the bowl. Wipe the entire top of the bowl in one long stroke. A large bubble will form and slowly expand until it pops, producing a large amount of fog.

Some other ideas…

Dry Ice Fog. Create Dry Ice Fog by mixing water and dry ice. Place stage lights, a laser light machine, or lamp with a tinted bulb behind the fog to add to the ambiance.

Singing & Shaking Utensils. Press any metal object (such as a spoon) against a dry ice block to create a reverberating sound. Stick a metal object into the block and it will continually shake.

Magic Balloons. Place dry ice in a container with a opening small enough to wrap the opening of a balloon around. Place the balloon on the opening and it will slowly inflate then pop. Add water to the dry ice and, when the balloon pops, a rush of fog will appear.

Floating Bubbles. Place a Dry Ice Block in a bowl. Blow soap bubbles over the dry ice and they will levitate above the dry ice.

Dry Ice Handling Guidelines

How to Safely Use & Dispose of Dry Ice

Featured here are some great tips for dry ice handling, including safety guidelines and transportation & disposal info.

Dry Ice is an extremely effective and useful substance. Much colder than standard ice, it has a surface temperature of -109.3 Degrees Farenheight and, unlike standard ice, it sublimates (as it warms & breaks down, it turns directly into carbon dioxide gas, not a liquid). Due to these properties, Dry Ice must be handled with more care than standard ice.

Follow these simple tips for Dry Ice Handling


The number 1 rule for handling Dry Ice is to WEAR GLOVES. Exposed contact between Dry Ice and skin will result in frost bite.

If possible, store Dry Ice in an insulated container. The better insulated the container, the longer your Dry Ice will last.

DO NOT store Dry Ice in an airtight container. Because Dry Ice is essentially frozen CO2, it will create pressure inside airtight containers.

DO NOT store Dry Ice in small, unventilated rooms. Dry Ice slowly releases CO2 into the air (the smoke you see around Dry Ice is CO2 returning to its gaseous state). Simply put, CO2 is unhealthy to breath.

If transporting Dry Ice in an automobile, be sure to open a window or turn on your vents.

DO NOT leave Dry Ice on tiled or solid-surfaced counter tops. The extreme cold produced by Dry Ice can crack such surfaces.

Disposal – Unwrap Dry Ice and leave it outside or in a well-ventilated room…it will eventually return to its gaseous state (no residue!)

In Case of Dry Ice Burns…Treat Dry Ice burns the same you would heat burns. If minor, apply an antibiotic ointment and cover with a breathable material.

For info on how to use Dry Ice in a Refrigerator or Freezer, visit our Emergency Services page.